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What do we do when a death occurs?

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When a loved one dies, all you need to do is make one phone call.  From that moment on, we'll take on the responsibilities of the physical care of your loved one and the emotional care of those left behind.

The overwhelming feelings of despair, disbelief, shock, and numbness caused by the passing of a loved one cannot be conveyed by mere words.  Even when the death is expected, the pain that loss brings can still be devastating.  In truth, no one is completely prepared for the death of someone close to their heart.

During this difficult time, there are decisions to be made immediately, arrangements to be coordinated, and a lot of things to be considered for your loved one's final farewell.  We understand how this may feel overwhelming, especially with the grief you're feeling over the loss.  Please know that we are here to help and support you.

On this page, we've put together some information to help guide you through the process.  Always feel welcome to call our San Marcos Chapel at 760-744-4522 or our Vista Chapel at 760-726-2555 if you have other questions.

Yes.  The grieving process does not end just because funeral services have concluded.  There is no time limit on grief and it is a very individualized process.  Family and friends can be supportive, but only you can determine what will help you through this step in your life.

There are several resources available to you on our website:

  • Please visit our Resources - "More Links" page to view links to local and national support services. 
  • You may opt-in for our daily grief support program.  By providing your email, you will receive a brief daily grief support message.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

You may also check with your physician or clergy for more resources.

Remember, effects of grief can be both emotional and physical, and every individual grieves in his or her own way.  Never hesitate to ask for help.

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