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San Marcos Chapel & Vista Chapel

Personalizing the Celebration of Life for Your Loved One.

Every service can be as unique as the life being celebrated.  Funeral services today no longer have to be limited to what people remember from past generations.  Today a memorial or funeral service should express the joys experienced during an entire lifetime and the joy of living means different things to different people.  

Whether you choose burial or cremation, you can choose to hold many different types of services - a visitation, a family-only final farewell service, a funeral service, a witness cremation, a graveside service, or a memorial service.  Meaningful celebrations of life happen with your loving memories and our staff's assistance to arrange everything for the choices you make.

Personalization of your loved one's funeral can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.  The services we create together to honor the memory of your loved one will celebrate his or her life's experiences.  Always remember, the funeral is also for the living and helping them adjust to life without their loved one.

 Whatever your choices may be, let us help you create a memorable and meaningful tribute.

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Allen Brothers Mortuary handles services for all religions. We will coordinate with your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque and handle all the details based on your choices.

All traditions of your faith are respected.


The location can also help to make a service less formal.  Services can be held in our chapel or at a favorite location.

We will coordinate with your clergy or can arrange for a clergy to work with your family if you do not have a clergy in place.

A service doesn't have to be religious in nature, nor does a clergy person have to be involved in the service.  A service can consist of friends and family talking and sharing stories about your loved one.

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San Marcos Chapel

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Vista Chapel 

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Caskets, urns, keepsake items and jewelry, guest register books, memorial folders, and prayer cards can all be customized to your individual choices.


Some caskets include interchangeable corners and you choose corners that represent the life of your loved one.  If you choose, corners can then be removed to become a keepsake for family members.

LifeStory Medallions are 4 ¼” in diameter and can be displayed in the panel. Additional medallions may also be purchased as keepsakes. 

Caskets can also be personalized with an embroidered cap panel, a LifeView photo panel, or LifeSymbols alcove panel.


Cremation urns can be engraved, have a name plate added, or can be personalized with your choice of medallions.


We offer your choice of guest register books, all of which are personalized for your loved one.

A wide variety of memorial folders and matching prayer cards are also available and can be personalized to honor your loved one, with or without a photo.   We also offer a selection of prayer cards with various themes that can be personalized on the back.


Many families like to set up a memory table, a memory photo board, and/or a memory jar for the service.

  • The memory table can consist of favorite items of the deceased.  Displaying items of importance to your loved one is a way of telling his/her life story.  Let our staff know and we'll have the table(s) set up and ready for you.
  • A memory photo board is often a collection of pictures of the deceased through different stages of his/her life.  It may also include photos with children, grandchildren, and friends.  Just let our staff know if you will need easels for your display.
  • A memory jar can be placed on a table with slips of paper for family and friends to write their memories of your loved one for you to read and treasure later.
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Some families also choose to show a video that highlights memories of their loved one.  Allen Brothers Mortuary provides the equipment and a large screen television at no charge for our families.  Simply bring your CD/DVD or flash drive, let us know when and where you want it played (in the chapel or in the reception room) and our staff will handle the rest for you.


Everyone has a special song or piece of music that touches the heart.  It is our goal to meet the needs of your family in any way you choose.

We can arrange for a variety of musical performers including but not limited to:

          ~ Soloist     ~ Organist     ~ Bag Piper     ~ Harpist     ~ Guitarist     ~ Mariachi Band

We have a selection of music on CDs or you may prefer to bring in your own choices on a CD.  
We have sound systems in each chapel for the convenience of our families.

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We hear this request frequently and we are here to help you organize that celebration.  We can take care of all of the details, including recommending local caterers or coordinating with the caterer you have already chosen.

Our reception room features tables and chairs, and a kitchen area that includes a full-size refrigerator with ice maker, a 40-cup coffee maker, microwave, full-size sink and space for catered or potluck meals. 

There is also a large flat-screen TV with a multi-format media player for your guests to enjoy and to help get the memory sharing started.  Young children will enjoy the comfortable play area with books and stuffed animals.

Use of our reception room is COMPLIMENTARY during your visitation/viewing or funeral service (up to a 3-hour maximum).

Was there a special treat that put a big smile on the face or a twinkle in the eye of your loved one?  Just let us know you'll be bringing in this treat and we'll set up our reception room for you so guests can share memories and enjoy the treats. From simple desserts and coffee to sandwiches and salads or full hot meals, you can have it just the way you choose.

Consider having one last toast in memory of your loved one...a toast that everyone will remember.

Offer sparkling apple cider, sparkling flavored water or juices so everyone (young and old) can join in this special toast.

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Learn more about the optional


Special military services are available to all honorably discharged veterans, and it will be our privilege to honor your loved one.  The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation's deepest gratitude to those who have faithfully served our country.

Military Funeral Honors can be provided at any site, whether for a traditional or memorial service, at our chapels or a church, at a public or private cemetery, or at a national cemetery.  Military Funeral Honors include:
  • a minimum of two military personnel with at least one of them being from the veteran's branch of service
  • the playing of taps by a bugler, when available, or by an electronic recording
In addition to the above, with the family's permission, Allen Brothers Mortuary will always request Full Military Honors.  When available, Full Military Honors may include:
  • Military pallbearers
  • a rifle squad
  • a live bugler
  • caisson


This is a perfect way to involve family members and friends in your ceremony and to reflect on your loved one's endearing qualities.  Most candle lighting ceremonies are held at the conclusion of your service; we'll take care of all the details to make this a memorable moment.

We offer you the choice of candles with a drip guard or you may prefer to upgrade to the candle with the drip and wind guard.  As always, the choice is yours.

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Make your funeral even more memorable by releasing beautiful butterflies for an uplifting experience.  The butterfly is nature's ultimate symbol of change, transformation, and beauty.  The butterfly symbolizes freedom, love, hope, and renewal of life.  Releasing live butterflies for a loved one is a unique way to honor and remember them.  This is also a beautiful way to involve children.

You may choose to do a mass butterfly release or order individual envelopes for each guest who will attend the service.  (This order can be based on your best estimate.)

White doves represent love, peace, and serenity.  Releasing white doves at a funeral can inspire feelings of peace and healing with a symbolic release of a loved one's soul.  It is a gift that leaves lasting memories for family and friends.

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